Riser Connection

- Quick make and break
- No personnel in red zone
- Multipurpose system for Work-Over and Drilling
- Shallow and deepwater utilisation
- Monohull vessel friendly

The West Click-Riser™ combines Work-Over and Drilling operations

The Riser Assembly is the connecting part between the vessel compensator and the subsea stack on the seabed. Each connecting joint is designed to facilitate lengths between 40-75 feet. The main function is to provide tubular access between the vessel and the subsea well. The inner tubular is slick with no points where CT/WL equipment can get stuck. West Click-Riser™ assembly also facilitate fluid service lines for the subsea stack, both for drilling, TTRD and Work-Over operations. The riser click connector provides an extremely quick make or break connection, and can be utilised as a single tubular work-over riser. West Click-Riser™ assembly is enclosed by buoyancy elements to reduce the assembly weight in water. Tubular handling from horisontal to vertical is conducted by a hydraulic tool in the elevator. Combined with the riser spider system, the tubular operations with the West Click-Riser™ system can be performed with no personnel in the red zone.